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Hand forged ice box ice tongs - antique housekeeping essential

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Antique hand forged wrought iron ice tongs. The iceman cometh and he brought the ice block for the ice box. These tongs were used inside the house to get ice from delivery spot to ice box.

We'll let the original owner tell the history of these tongs. They belonged to his grandmother: "My grandparents were married in 1904, and set up housekeeping in Riverside, Illinois. By the time I was on the scene, as a little boy in the 1940's, they had acquired a modern electric refrigerator and freezer. But the house still had the little door in the wall by the back door, where the iceman came for many years, carrying a 60 pound block of ice with his tongs. He would hike it into the little cabinet, and my grandmother could then get at the ice chest from the inside, and put butter and things that needed cooling in there."

SIZE 19.25" long x 11.25" across the widest part of the pincers.

CONDITION Rustic and real.

This is a vintage item. It has been used and loved and it has a history. Every attempt is made to describe it accurately, please examine photos carefully as we are unable to accept returns.

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