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Galvanized metal cylinder can - replacement bucket for in ground garbage receptacle

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Vintage galvanized metal cylindrical can with handle. Vintage patina. Use as a planter, umbrella stand, organizer for your sports equipment or anything else you can imagine. Remove the metal handle and use it as a side table. You could even use it as a wastebasket, because that's kind of what it is. 

Once upon a time, in some cities and towns, your regular trash went to the curb, but your compostable trash went into a covered receptacle in the ground. This was well before earth day and well before recycling was a thing. The food scraps might have been collected by a farmer to feed his animals. This galvanized can was what sat under the lid.

SIZE 17.5" high x 12.75 diameter

CONDITION Never used in the ground. Was purchased as a spare. 

This is a vintage item. It has been used and loved and it has a history. Please examine photos carefully and ask questions, as we are unable to accept returns or exchanges.

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