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Modular Swivel Desk Organizer - similar to the Multiplor designed by Rino Piravano

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You know that old adage, "Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery." Yeah, well if you're imitating design then the other old adage, "I'll see you in court" applies. But we all know companies do it. That's how we wind up wearing diluted versions of runway looks that we bought at our favorite fast fashion outlets. But I digress...

This cool modular desk organizer looks like the original 1979 design by Rino Piravano. But it's unmarked. But that doesn't make it any less cool or any less functional. It just makes it less expensive. One of the originals sold at auction for $400 recently. This one. Not so much.

SIZE 5.25" tall, 5" diameter.

CONDITION Excellent.

For design fans, the original Rino Piravano piece is in the collection at the Cooper Hewitt Museum

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