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Swiss Thoune Thun edelweiss majolica urns - highly decorated floral slipware pottery

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Pair of vintage Swiss Thun majolica or Thuner Majolika urns, highly decorated with edelweiss flowers, forget me knots, roses and other Bavarian flowers. Ornate painted borders and bands of flowers on blue and black pottery urn.

Incised "Switzerland" on unglazed bases

Colors are predominantly red, cream, blue, green, black and metallic gold.

The age of these Thoune urns is unknown. This style of pottery was popular at the end of the 1800s into the early 1900s.
SIZE: 11.5" tall

CONDITION: Good. Urns have some minor chips. Most importantly, somewhere over the course of its life, one was broken between the bowl and the stem and put back together with some kind of clear silicone-like adhesive. It is noticeable if you are looking for it. Urns have been priced to reflect this mend.

This is a vintage item. It has been used and loved and it has a history. Please examine photos carefully and ask questions, as we are unable to accept returns or exchanges.

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