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Planter's Peanut snack bowls - 16 small, 1 large - 1960s vintage

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Set of Planter's Peanut litho snack bowls featuring Mr. Peanut himself in the center of each one. Roasted peanuts around the sides, so freshly roasted and salted that the salt looks like tiny whiskers.

After meeting the real Mr. Peanut on the Atlantic City boardwalk at age 3, I have a complicated relationship with him. Something that tall and peanuty should not have been walking around tapping his cane where a small child running ahead of her parents could bop into him. Apparently there was screaming and fear that lasted multiple years.

You didn't hear this here, because we love vintage as is, but the little ruffled bowls are adorable and could be used for crafting small ornaments.

SIZE Large bowl is 6" diameter. Small bowls are 3" diameter.

CONDITION Fair. They are sturdy and could be used for socially distant peanut snacks, but time has done its worst to the gold painted edges and they have lots of oxidation.

This is a vintage item. It has been used and loved and it has a history. Please examine photos carefully and ask questions, as we are unable to accept returns or exchanges.

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