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Star Trek books, zines lot and bootleg blooper VHS tape - 1970s-1980s Trek fan super pack

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From one Star Trek lover to the next generation of Star Trek lovers, collection of well-read Star Trek books, zines, and a tape including:

"The Star Trek Compendium" by Allan Asherman. 20th Anniversary edition. Softcover. Pocket Books. 1986. Gently read.

"Star Trek Mr. Scott's Guide to the Enterprise" written and illustrated by Shane Johnson. Softcover. Pocket Books. 1987. Very well read.

"Star Trek Star Fleet Technical Manual" researched and compiled by Franz Joseph. Softcover inside a vinyl hardcover. Ballantine Books. First edition. 1975. Writing on and damage to the clear vinyl front pocket, some loose pages, binding is loose from the signature.

"Star Trek The Next Generation Officer's Manual" Softcover. FASA Corporation, 1988. Gently read.

"Star Trek Concordance" by Bjo Trimble. First edition. Softcover. Ballantine Books. 1976. Cover has moderate shelf wear. First flyleaf has wear on the edges from using the spinning episode finder attached to the cover. Other pages are clean.

"Star Trek Puzzle Manual" by James Razzi. Softcover. Ballantine Books. 1976. A couple of puzzles in the front have been completed.

"Star Trek Comedy Tape Featuring Star Trek: The Next Generation and Original Bloopers" Bloopers, skits, comic interpretations, interviews.

2 Whitman Star Trek coloring books "Rescue at Raylo" and "Planet Ecknal's Dilemma" New and unused.

4 "Inside Star Trek" newsprint zines, Vol. IV, No. 25 - Vol IV, No. 28 - Vol. V, No. 26 all from 1978. Plus Inside Star Trek The Motion Picture (Inside Star Trek #30) - Very good condition for a vintage newsprint zine.

"The Electric Company Magazine: Star Trek Rides Again" June 1982. Magazine with article on Star Trek.

CONDITION All of the books are in good condition except as noted. All have been read, have shelf wear and should be considered reading copies. Coloring books are unused, in very good condition with minimal shelf wear. Zines are very good. And who the heck could know about the VHS tape???

This is a vintage item. It has been used and loved and it has a history. Please examine photos carefully and ask questions, as we are unable to accept returns or exchanges.

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