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Hall of Fame: A Pyrex china set now and them

hall of fame

Pyrex lime banded china set

Finding a set of china from the 1950s that was the every day set and is still in nice condition is a little like finding a unicorn. We've heard rumors they exist, but we've never seen one. Until now.

We're assisting a client with dispersing her godmother's estate, and there in the kitchen cabinet was a set of lime green banded Pyrex dinnerware. In good condition. And nearly complete. After nearly 60 years. 

We regularly find Pyrex mixing bowls and refrigerator dishes, but Pyrex china hasn't crossed our path in the eight years we've been move managers. Thanks to the Mid Century Living blog, we found an advertisement that showed the pattern range and colors.

vintage pyrex china ad

And then this happened. We were leafing through a vintage Life magazine from September 1954 because that's the kind of thing we do, and there was the full page ad for the same set. Please note, this set has the gold bands, there was an uncharge for those.

We've still never seen a unicorn. But now we're even more sure we will one day.




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