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Get The Look: Working on your design project - we're in!

get the look

In an aqua cottage mood, we've got you covered.

If you have an art project, a decor project, a design project, a special event project with vintage flair: we're in! We love helping you find the things you're looking for to make your project come alive with true vintage.

We've been lucky enough to partner with decorators, designers and creative souls on projects. We sell props to set decorators for film and theater and to art directors for advertising. And that's fun. (Yes, the rumor is true, we did overnight a mason jar of rusty bottle openers for a beer commercial.) But we also enjoy working on more involved design projects, whether you're local or not so close.

A NYC architect asked us work with him on two recent projects: one client art installation involving transferware souvenir plates and one project that needed pieces with a vintage explorer/flora /fauna feel. He sends us examples of the items or themes, we send him pictures of items so he can pick what will work. Can't wait for his next great idea. 

A visiting restauranteur from western New York spent a couple days at the shop assembling a van load of eclectic art, furniture and serving pieces. We are pretty stoked that the message sorting cubby unit used by one of our clients who ran an telephone answering service in her home is going to be paired with a vintage typewriter at the restaurant so diners can take a random wish from the sorter and leave one for someone else.

There are lots of things on our NextStage Vintage website that are not in the b&m shop--the shop floor isn't big enough to hold all our client's cool vintage. And we have things that aren't online or in the shop yet. Plus, if we know there's something specific you're working on, we keep our eyes peeled while we're working with our move clients to see if we can spot what you need.

If you have a project you're working on, tell us what kinds of things you're looking for, tell us your budget and if you can, give us some mood boards so we understand the feel. Since our vintage comes from our clients, we have a wide range of things from different eras in different styles. If you have an idea, you can count us in on helping you make it real.

If you're in a bohemian mood, we've got that too.


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  • JayDee on

    How fun to hear about that mason jar of bottle openers for a beer commercial – that’s so cool! You definitely have a great eye for vintage and I enjoy hearing where these pieces end up.

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