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Our Story: Our NextStage is a Work in Progress

our story

Welcome to our NextStage Vintage online store. We're not quite ready for prime time. You may find things a little clunky and you may pull back a curtain to find out that things aren't quite finished behind it. But we thank you for visiting and ask for your patience while we get this site into shipshape.

Our first priority will always be getting our clients through their transition using our knowledge and resources to reduce the stress by smoothing out the challenges inherent in a change that big. Finding new homes through sale and donation for things our clients no longer need is only one part of what we do, but it's an important part.

By 2015, it was becoming pretty obvious from a business standpoint that we needed an actual headquarters. Working out of a home office and storage spaces was falling pretty far short of efficient. When we found a perfect location, we decided to blend office with retail and open a vintage shop to get a curated collection of funky, cool pieces from our clients to people who appreciate them.

Our retail shop, at 60 West Main Street in Northborough MA is open Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 10-5ish. We're out working on site with our clients the rest of the week. So now we're creating a second showroom, this one online, so vintage lovers can shop around the clock.

But bear with us...we're working on the site, but we will admit, we're much better with our tape and packing paper than we are with computer stuff. But just like we know that our client's moves will end well, we also know that setting up this site will end well and we'll be able to share fresh fabulous vintage with buyers across the country and around the world.


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